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Here at CanadaOnlineHealth we provide access to thousands of prescription medications and products commonly used by people just like you. Our partner pharmacies offer brand-name trademarked products as well as generic therapeutically equivalent products.


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When you search for products you’ll often discover identical items from more than one country ‐ at different prices. Feel free to choose the most affordable one. That’s MULTI-SOURCING!

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Articles We’d Like to Share

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According to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, erectile dysfunction (ED) (also known as erectile disorder) affects up to 40% of
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What is the Difference Between Prescription Levitra and Prescription Generic Vardenafil?
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Wellness Tips & Guides

Your pharmacy team at CanadaOnlineHealth does more than just fill prescriptions. We take the time to talk to you about your medications, help you manage side effects, and understand what your medications are supposed to do for you. We also provide useful information online: Wellness Tips on Twitter and in-depth Wellness Guides.

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Ordering from is super convenient and easy! We take your privacy, health and safety seriously.If you have questions, remember… we are here for you! Contact our Customer Service Representatives toll-free at 1-800-399-3784 or by selecting the Chat Button on the right.

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